Manatee County should solve Anna Maria Island parking problem

October 8, 2013 

My parents told me not to complain unless I had a solution or at least a suggestion to solving the problem. Yes, we have a parking problem on Anna Maria Island entwined with the number of cars on our narrow streets.

One morning, I went to get my paper at 7 a.m. and counted seven parked cars at the residence next door to the east, nine cars at the residence next door to the west and at the house next to it were an equal amount of cars parked. Each house has three bedrooms.

I have no solution for this unless it's one car per bedroom.

My suggestion for the daily beachgoer would be, being the Manatee County tourist board and a few business owners who think money is everything, let them help eliminate the traffic problem.

I believe the county owns property on both the north and south side of Manatee Avenue, just east of the mid-island bridge. If they would clear all they can and develop a free designated parking area, then have the free transit bus transport the occupants to their beach destination. To eliminate their carrying chairs, umbrellas and coolers, offer chairs and umbrellas at the public beaches, restaurants on the beach, and also apartment locations.

Restaurants on the beach could offer an outside service of cold drinks and picnic lunches, which would put a few more "bucks" in their pockets.

Billie Martini

Holmes Beach

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