Manatee County commission wrong to approve Long Bar Pointe

October 8, 2013 

On Aug. 6, the Board of Manatee County Commissioners (BOCC) voted to change the map of Long Bar Pointe from residential to mixed-use. Commissioners Carol Whitmore, Betsy Benac, Vanessa Baugh and Larry Bustle voted for the change. Robin DiSabatino, John Chappie, and Michael Gallen voted against.

Over 6,000 people petitioned against this change. They understood the environmental, economic, and social risks of putting a convention center, sea-walled boardwalk, and high-rise hotel directly on Sarasota Bay. The understood that Terra Ceia and Palma Sola bays could be next. Do we want Manatee's coast to look like Miami-Dade's?

On Sept. 9, the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council (TBRPC) rendered its opinion about the map change. As a result, the BOCC will have an opportunity to reconsider.

As the TBRPC report suggests, Long Bar Pointe already is a "natural resource of regional significance" and a "cultural, natural, and economic amenity." It won't be if the BOCC does not reverse its decision.

Commissioners favoring the change should not self-congratulate on the removal of a 300-berth marina from the developers' request. When the day comes for them to reconsider, I hope they will support the broad classes of constituents that objected to dredging and filling of a salt-water wetland, mangrove forest, two-mile long meadow of seagrass, and fish nursery that services west Florida's existing multi-million-dollar commercial fishing and tourism economies.

We must stop urbanizing our shoreline. We must plan for resilient coastal living. Coastal urbanization destroys not only ecological systems but also social and economic ones.

Large-project development can occur in other locations in the county. Other American coastal counties are already proving that environment and economy are mutually compatible.

At least 6,000 people in Manatee already get that. When will Whitmore, Benac, Baugh, and Bustle?

Terri Wonder


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