Thanks to Manatee County Sheriff Brad Steube for neighborhood's new peace

October 8, 2013 

The rash of mass murders over the last few years is hard to explain, and we tend to forget how fortunate we are to have as sheriff our own Brad Steube. Let me expand this personal belief with testimony to back it up.

For the past 21 years, I have been a resident of the Bayshore Windmill Village Co-op. This park is bordered by 63rd Avenue West and Fifth Street West. The Bradenton noise ordinance does not apply and for 17 years Fifth Street was a nightmare for retirees. Drug dealings, gun fights, boom boxes and robberies were the norm.

Our complaints were more or less ignored. In just a few years, Sheriff Steube and staff cleaned Fifth Street of the bad element and their in-your-face disturbances. Now we have quiet and responsible neighbors.

Their backyard pet chickens remind me of my growing up on 160 acres of rich Oklahoma farm land back in the 1920s and '30s. For me, the sounds of roosters crowing and hens cackling are the very essence of tranquility.

I do not say something crazy will never happen in Manatee County, but think of Steube's long record of service. Even the police helicopter, in its own quiet way, seems to say to all below, "Two o'clock in the morning and all's well."

Thanks, Brad, we owe you.

Joe Templeton

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