Use the next election cycle to repair Washington mess

October 5, 2013 

Use the next election cycle to repair Washington mess

I am writing in regards to the government shutdown brought about as a result of the incompetence of the American electorate in electing a "divided house" to be governed by.

We should not be as surprised as we pretend to be. This is nursery school calculus. We often hear the term that our (federal) elected officials should "get outside the Washington beltway" to see what is really going on in America. To a certain extent, that is true. On the other hand, "we the people," especially voters, should be mindful of the political winds and the resulting dunes that are created long-term inside the beltway, resulting in the economic oppression of the average American worker, while at the same time enriching a few who benefit from our labor. This is wrong. It is un-American and it stands the concept of economic jurisprudence on its head.

As a society at whole, we should be able to accurately (about 10 percent) determine the number of Americans who own a majority of equity in multi-national corporations from looking at the total number of votes Republicans receive in any election.

Our country is capable of achieving great things to make it a better and more just country for its entire population and to make it "the shining light on the hill" for everyone who sees and is willing to work hard.

I believe that the American people will, in the next national election cycle, right the ship of economic prosperity for all and turn that light on the hill into a shining beacon of life, liberty and economic justice and opportunity for all.

Dewell T. Crews


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