Immigration must be managed to keep U.S. afloat

October 2, 2013 

It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter concerning immigration. Hundreds if not thousands of people flood the borders of the United States, while our country is overwhelmed with a national debt of epic proportion, unemployment, and children going hungry.

It is my belief that revamping current restrictions are in order to limit the influx of immigrants. I feel part of the reason the government shutdown is happening is because the incursion of potential citizens is demanding, overloading, burdening, even exhausting our financial stability.

There has to be a limit to the amount of people we allow into this country. The borders are patrolled but cannot seize or detain everyone. Hundreds slip through the cracks every day.

As I read the New Colossus by Emma Lazarus, I recall the stories my parents' grandparents told me about my Italian great-grandparents' journey to the United States. My great-grandparents lived under a tyrannical government and who diligently saved and sacrificed to buy passage to my country. They were welcomed by the sight of the Statue of Liberty, learned a new language, and worked hard, difficult jobs to provide for their children. Their philosophy was to live poor and free while providing an opportunity for future generations to prosper. Their motives were in the right place. My great-grandparents were not looking for handouts or free rides to education, food, shelter or clothing. Of course, the year was 1902 when they came to America.

Beth Sprigle


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