Affordable Care Act changes the 'doughnut hole'

October 1, 2013 

In regards to a recent article on the Affordable Care Act and how it affect all U.S. citizens, there were several misnomers on what it covers.

It stated "if you are on Medicare or Medicaid, then you have nothing to worry about and need to do nothing." I know of one thing that changed during the start of AFC that some of us have to worry about. It is the doughnut hole in the Medicare Part D prescription plan. Before AFC, one of us was going into the doughnut hole around June 1 each year.

The cost of prescriptions for one of us was over $1,500 a month. In stage 2, you pay 100 percent until you reach $4,000 of out-of-pocket expenses. I had to max out a credit card and look outside our country for prescription pharmacies in order to survive.

During the year 2013, with AFC start-up the doughnut hole was cut by 50 percent and is to be reduced to zero over the next few years. Most of our ridiculously high prescriptions costs were reduced to 25 percent or less in cost. These are the same prescriptions I was buying outside the country at one-fifth the cost or less.

In Time magazine a few years ago, there was an article on drug costs stating that "one of the biggest reasons senior citizens were going bankrupt in the USA was for high medical and prescriptions debts." To be honest, I am more concerned about my

wife and myself then I am about Republicans or Democrats and will vote accordingly.

James Warner


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