House Speaker Boehner should stop voting the GOP "No"

October 1, 2013 

My dissatisfaction with House Speaker John Boehner is genuine. Compared with former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Boehner doesn't work well with his party, except to keep them lockstep in the negative. He should resign.

He votes "NO" on every piece of important legislation, from immigration reform to the Affordable Care Act; they are rights we are entitled to. Even when an alternative to a vote is offered, it's still a negative solution. A GOP negative solution.

Don't these lawmakers understand how they are negatively coming across to the younger generation? I doubt they will elect another Republican president for a good 12 years.

Oh for the days of Sam Rayburn or Nelson Rockefeller, who knew how to cross the aisle and do things collaboratively.

The Rev. Emmalou Kirchmeier


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