Heroic acts, leaders seeking truth admired, defended

October 1, 2013 

Living in an age when a liberal slant to daily news is Heralded, as in "Bradenton," a pair of recent Opinion page letters demonstrate a rare conservative editorial willingness to publish conflicting ideas. Called to correction for an unbelievable "whitewashing away" of President Lincoln's assassination by Lance Abbring's Sept. 21 letter, I've been checking for a brush of wet, white paint in my hands.

Lincoln's stature as a humanitarian, world-class international hero, and unfailing defender of freedom for blacks under the U.S. Constitution does not need assistance from this unworthy admirer. But, it is with humility and gratefulness that I will forever answer the calling to admire fallen heroes like Lincoln, who showed us all a better way.

Often, leadership by men and women is honed and awakened by their mistaken words and actions that lead to public rebuke. Readers of these words can name many individuals throughout history, including Abraham Lincoln, who learned this truth along the way, by discovering their mistakes. For me, that doesn't diminish their heroic acts for the benefit of others, or my feeble attempts to follow their example.

No matter, the years and opportunities for service continue, along with my responsibility to seek the truth and act on it. For me, there is one most important action -- to answer the calling of the creator Who overcomes my "unbelievable" opinions.

Richard Evanson


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