Health, flood insurance rates wiping out middle class

October 1, 2013 

Insurance: a word that is beginning to gag in the throats of Americans. Greed and incorrect spending of American dollars equal insurance, be it health or homeowners.

As a 62-year-old healthy, non-smoking female, my health premiums will average $250 per month with a $5-$10,000 deductible. If I opt for the lower deductible, then I will have the privilege of paying $400-$500 per month. Just exactly where does Affordable come into the Affordable Care Act?

If I live near the coast on a fixed income, I will have the privilege of paying as much as $800 per month more in flood insurance. If my home is still mortgaged, I will lose it to the lender, thereby creating more foreclosures and bank-owned properties. I feel for these coastal people.

There will be no more middle class because government greed will have sponged everything out of them. What happens to the foundation of America when middle class no longer exists?

Linda Lively


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