NRA deserves blame for high gun-related homicide rate

September 26, 2013 

After reading about David Guth, the associate professor of journalism at the University of Kansas being placed on administrative leave for tweeting "Blood is on your hands NRA," I felt compelled to share my feelings.

I have for a very long time now held the NRA responsible for this nation's extremely high rate of gun-related deaths. Higher than most among civilized democratic societies.

Every time that I read about a gun-related death I blame the NRA. I can remember when NRA meant to me an organization that stood for gun safety, hunter safety and good sportsmanship. They never would declare ownership of high-powered assault rifles as a part of their program.

Sometime in the early to mid 1970s a radical coup occurred in their leadership. Now it seems their primary focus is to arm every right-wing nut and criminal or dissed punk who thinks he has the right to carry a gun and shoot whoever he pleases.

This is made possible because the NRA has made it easier for anyone to own a gun by weakening gun control laws, intimidating legislators who support sensible gun-control measures, and promoting stand-your-ground laws in many states. They have grown to become a very powerful political organization and lobby and a real threat to the law-abiding citizens of this country.

The right to own a gun is guaranteed by this country's Constitution. This will not change, despite the scare tactics the NRA espouses to the contrary. Own a gun or not, it is your choice.

By not promoting sensible gun laws, background checks, limiting certain types of weapons and ammunition, yes, NRA, blood is on your hands, and every time I read of another gun-related death I will blame you.

John Herzog


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