Manatee Performing Arts Center parking leaves sour taste

September 25, 2013 

My wife and I attended the Manatee Players production of "Grease" on Sept. 14 and we enjoyed the show very much.

There were still audio problems at the new Manatee Performing Arts Center that I'm sure will be worked out in the near future.

We sat in the box section of the new theater. Both my wife and I felt that the seats were a little light on padding, but all in all a great night out on the town as we ate at Outback prior to the show.

The biggest sour note of all was the theater parking. I feel that it is very poor taste to line up all the luxury cars right outside the front exits of the theater so all us common people are made to feel like we are low-class show attendees. We have to slog off into the unlit wilderness, poor folk parking area through the sand and shell-topped area complete with holes filled with water that aren't easily seen due to no pole lights. Thanks for the wet shoes and wet sand carpeting.

The next day the floor in my car looked like I had spent the night at the beach.

We should have a people's theater for everyone, not just for the rich who get their Caddies, Lincolns, BMW's, etc., all lined up across the front of the theater like some luxury car lot!

No matter the show, we won't be back until changes are made in both parking items I have addressed.

Successful theaters need the support of the entire community. We have been made to feel that patrons like us aren't wanted or needed. Thanks for letting us know before we bought our season tickets, like we always purchased in our former home town, Mansfield, Ohio.

Mike and Maria Horning


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