House Republicans acting like children on government shut-down

September 25, 2013 

The Republicans should change their name from the "Grand Old Party" to the "Goofy Old Party," especially in the House of Representatives. These so-called representatives are willing to shut down the government and sacrifice the fragile economy of America if they don't get their way, sort of like kids.

The tea party is the main instigator of this foolish and contemptuous ploy. Hopefully cooler sensible "adults" will prevail before we sink back into a recession.

The American people will not stand for another recession because the House Republicans are out to get Obama and they will show their displeasure at the next election. The Republicans are like spoiled kids who are still cranky because they lost the last two presidential elections and are willing to flush us all down the tubes to get their way.

I still remember when the GOP was still willing to compromise for the good of America. It might happen again when we vote out the partisan dead weight.

William E.Moore


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