Pope's focus on different issues not a surprise

September 25, 2013 

I'm not sure why the mainstream media is making such a hullabaloo about the recent proclamation from Pope Francis that Catholics should take the focus off abortion and put it on poverty issues. My experiences with Catholic churches I've belonged to is that they have been doing that since I started paying attention to issues bigger than who would ask me to the prom.

The Tampa Bay Times PolitiFact.com website writes, "Catholic groups are among the biggest providers of social-service charity in the nation." The article goes on to say that Catholic Charities alone ranks third in the country with their help for the disenfranchised, just behind United Way and the Salvation Army,

As far as the specific topic of abortion goes, support for the sanctity of human life also comes from other Christian denominations. There are now 2,500 pregnancy care centers helping women during and after their pregnancies compared with 1,800 abortion providers.

Twelve state legislatures (all religions) have banned abortion after 20 weeks gestation on grounds that abortion causes great pain to the unborn baby. A recent Gallup poll shows that 71 percent of the U.S. population opposes second-trimester abortions and 86 percent opposes third-trimester abortions.

These folks are either members of churches or not.

Twenty-nine states sell "Choose Life" license plates and 13 more states are poised to begin selling them. This effort, started by two devoted evangelical Christians, has raised $18.5 million for pregnancy care centers and groups promoting adoption.

One thing for sure, regardless of the pope's comments or the misinterpretation of them by the media, abortion promoters are losing ground, and those who support life are gaining.

Kathleen Richardson


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