House GOP bill wrong to cut food aid yet retain subsidies

September 24, 2013 

Republicans have got it wrong again. Does anyone but me see that cutting food stamps by $4 billion annually while giving large agricultural subsidies in the billions is just wrong.

Twenty years ago we had about 400 food banks in the U.S. They were stop-gap measures for those that got sick, were laid off, etc.

Now we have over 1,600. Most but not all of the people on food stamps use these food pantries to supplement their food reserves because their paychecks don't reach far enough to pay for food before the money runs out.

The food pantries have turned into poor grocery stores. For the most part, these are the working poor that suffer food anxiety every week worrying about how to feed their children. We are not subsidizing poor people, we are subsidizing Walmart, large coffee chains, etc. who do not pay their people a livable wage.

For those who argue against a socialized state, I kind of agree. The answer is two easy steps. Bring the minimum wage up to a livable wage so people can afford food and stop subsidizing big business both here and abroad. Any company moving paying jobs out of American should lose all government subsidies.

The way Republicans are handling it is to cut off more food from families that need it and pay big business even more. We don't subsidize the Pentagon with donations and we can't expect to subsidize feeding Americans with donations to food banks. It is just wrong!

All you Christians should be outraged at your representatives. Didn't the Bible say, "Do unto others as you would do unto me." Come on, let the silent majority not be silent. Our children need us now.

As for the government, step up and lead. Obama, veto the thing.

Susan Fitzpatrick


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