Florida denies Medicare supplement to the disabled

September 22, 2013 

There's a dirty little secret (another one) about Florida. Like recent columns in the Herald suggesting the Legislature is about politics instead of what is best for the people of Florida (as is usual), there is something that even most medical personnel don't know about Medicare supplement policies in Florida.

After two years of run arounds after I moved here, I finally got an answer as to why my Medicare supplement coverage from the Midwest wouldn't transfer here in spite of what I'd been told: Florida blatantly discriminates against the disabled.

The law states here that anyone under age 65 on Medicare (which fits ONLY the disabled) is not entitled to access to the regular Medicare supplement. You'd have to be Houdini to know this because every other state in the union doesn't discriminate.

You wonder how Florida has managed to pull this off; but if you live here long enough, you don't have to ask anymore. This supplement issue is both tragic and ridiculous.

Just think about the fiscal ramifications once responsible people who have very little and yet are willing to pay for a supplement so that they are assured all their medical bills will be covered are denied the privilege. Who do you think ends up paying those bills that they can't cover because they are denied a supplement? You do.

(Private company supplement costs of $500-$600 a month aren't an option for most on disability.)

In addition, Florida Medicare supplements for 65 and over are now are running about $250 a month. There are also the ever increasing costs of Medicare monthly costs, Medicare D coverage, co-pays, yearly deductibles.

Pretty soon, between all the fraud, stealing and increased costs to cover it, no one will be able to afford Medicare.

Judith Russett


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