Inept Obama administration to blame in Navy Yard killings

September 22, 2013 

We know today that almost everything the liberal press initially said and thought they knew and reported about the Navy Yard shooter was wrong, from his name to the AR-15 he never used nor possessed.

His weapon of choice was the one recommended by Vice President Joe "get a shotgun" Bidden and used by President Obama in a "photo shoot."

In addition, we know the shooter was seriously and obviously mentally ill.

And yet our incompetent Obama-run government had not even remotely followed the law and pulled his security clearance nor blocked authorization to purchase a weapon he had no legal right to own.

What are all of theses regulations, laws, and barriers to the constitutional rights of innocent law-abiding citizens to own and carry a gun for protection for? With all these laws, our inept government allows a madman like this, who was so obviously deranged, to buy a gun and get on a "secure" government installation.

Had any of those folks on the base been allowed to carry a weapon, banned by Bill Clinton, they would have likely stopped this man early in his rampage.

Had the government of Barrack Obama served all veterans, in accordance with the law, in a timely and caring manner, through the VA, this madman might have been treated. Had his "just us" Justice Department under Eric Holder tried to enforce existing laws for a change, the murderer could not have bought a gun, nor gotten it on the base.

Instead all we get from these big-government Democrat clowns is another "more gun laws" chant designed to disarm future victims and a press that is blind to it all and cheers them on.

More will likely be revealed in the future, but it will show this could have, and should have, been prevented.

David R. Kraner


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