Conservative viewpoints in Bradenton Herald letters bewildering

September 21, 2013 

The recent rash of letters propagating the conservative manifesto in recent weeks has been both beguiling and bewildering, to say the least.

I've fully come to terms with one frequent writer draping herself in the flag and writing in platitudes about loving the U.S.A. and being a patriot all the while, no matter what the subject, taking gratuitous swipes at the current commander-in-chief resulting in complete non sequiturs.

I've also held my tongue when a recent letter writer excoriated Obama for not bringing the Benghazi perpetrators to justice after a full calendar year. (Never mind that Obama's predecessor couldn't bring to justice the No. 1 terrorist in the history of the United States in 7 1/2 years.)

But what really caught my eye were Frank Eldridge's Sept. 10 and Richard Evanson's Sept. 16 letters.

Mr. Eldrige intuits that the FOX News Channel is the last bastion of an unbiased and apolitical mainstream information outlet. And yet, having previously been accused of being a communist (or, was it a Marxist?) by him on this very page, his esteemed "news" organization is now carrying out its Roger Ailes-derived talking points this past week by having each "analyst," verbatim, championing Vladimir Putin at the expense of our Kenyan-born in-absentia lame duck false president. (Basically, this is historically analogous to championing Stalin over FDR.)

Mr. Evanson, meanwhile, wishes to whitewash away a president, Abraham Lincoln, who (in-)famously wrote before the days of reconstruction that "the Negroes brain is inferior to the white man's" [sic] in a well-documented and scoured-over letter to a contemporary friend, c. 1862, is an ill-advised attempt to paint our current-day president as a latter-day "racist."


Lance Abbring


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