An idea for Nik Wallenda: Traverse Panama Canal

September 21, 2013 

This is a suggestion for Nik Wallenda's next wire-walking feat: Cross the Panama Canal at Culebra Cut, a distance similar to that of his Grand Canyon crossing. This is why a showman should do this:

1. Panama is scheduled to open its new locks at Miraflores in the spring of 2015. The wire walk could be part of the celebration.

2. The proposed wire walk at Culebra Cut (Guillard Cut) is within sight of these new locks.

3. It is within sight of the Pan American Highway.

4. The cut's hills are rock for good anchoring and of proper height.

5. Two cruise liners can traverse the pass while Nik walks overhead; one ship from Colon and one from the Panama City side.

6. Cayman (crocodiles) live in the canal.

7. This will be the dry season and there is less chance of lightning.

8. One helicopter can easily pan from Nik to the locks and to the major highway's bridge while he walks.

Vic Boynton


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