No child should go hungry, but where are parents?

September 20, 2013 

I consider myself a deeply caring person. I give to charities and help my family, co-workers, friends and neighbors in any way I can.

I have been working since my teenage years, which was quite a while ago, and I pay my taxes. My husband and I have no children and care for animals instead.

I always thought it unfair that homeowners without children are forced to pay such a huge amount of property tax when at least half goes to the school system. Our school system offers two meals per day and snacks. Now I read that four county schools are now offering students dinner (front page, Sept. 17).

And I understand that children are given food to take home on weekends and holidays. No child should go hungry.

But where are the parents in all of this? Why are people having children if they cannot provide basic needs as food?

This is troubling. And this is quite unfair to hard-working citizens like me and my husband.

Brenda MacWilliams


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