Republicans aim to put nation on wrong track

September 20, 2013 

I hope President Obama gets support from all sides and we don't bomb Syria, at which point the Republicans will take credit. But after the 2016 elections, when the country hasn't turned socialist, when the Affordable Care Act hasn't bankrupted us, when the government hasn't seized legally-owned weapons and when the USA hasn't been overrun by immigrants, liberals and homosexuals, the GOP will claim its policies and philosophy prevented all that.

When in truth Obama and the Democrats never planned any of those things for the country. Rather, it's been the Republicans who've tried to change America to fit their ideals, often ignoring the people's wishes in the process.

Like it or not, abortion is legal and necessary for some, but GOP-controlled state legislatures are finding ways to eliminate clinics. Obamacare is the law of the land, vital to millions, but some Republicans would allow the government to default as a way to cut its funding!

GOP-run states have passed repressive voter registration laws and have redistricted to limit black and Hispanic votes. The vast majority of Americans, including NRA members, would like to see universal background checks and assault weapons banned, but the GOP's connection to the gun lobby prevents that.

A free country means equality for all, including homosexuals, but some Republican-controlled state legislatures refuse to allow same-sex couples to wed. And the conservatives' stand against the accepted science behind global warming is both naive and dangerous.

The Republicans and their mainly white constituents, particularly those of the older generation, want the country the way it used to be. I'm a white senior citizen who longs for the relative safety and simplicity of the family-oriented 1950s, but not the racial and homosexual bigotry, the tremendous pollution problems, the back-alley abortions, etc. that we've conquered since then.

America is changing, for the better, I believe, and there's no going back. But the real culprits, the obstructionist Republicans who fight Obama at every turn and offer no positive programs of their own, keep pushing to have it their way. And their way is not my way.

Robert Kushner


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