'Charity begins at home' not being followed in U.S.

September 19, 2013 

From what I see, we're teaching Afghans and the whole Mideast how to get secure; we're teaching Syria how to run their country; we sound like a prophet preaching to the multitudes.

However, back at the ranch, little old ladies can sneak into a command base; a man with anti-American views can rise to the rank of major and slaughter a dozen folk; and a man with a shotgun can penetrate a Navy Yard and go on a killing spree.

My youngest once told me, "Them what can't teaches."

We're sending food to Africa and other needy people out of "the goodness of our hearts." Here at home we have lines at soup kitchens; we have charity food banks with empty shelves; at home we have homeless street people that we can't feed or shelter.

Why am I feeling uneasy? A wise man once said "Charity begins at home." Maybe my son was right? Aren't you just a bit uneasy, too?

Bill Barnhard


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