Syria breaking law akin to immigrant amnesty

September 17, 2013 

I cannot understand the reason for our president to state that Syria has broken a law and he must do something. First he said that he would want 11 million immigrants, who broke our law, be granted citizenship when they should sent back to wherever they came from. They cost us a lot of money in food stamps and medical care.

A lot of times I have a feeling that the president is actually trying to destroy us. I believe it is time to stop him from being a dictator; he should be a friend of this country.

Also, our elected politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, need to get their act straightened out to put this country back on top. All of you in Washington need to do what is best for this great country and stop your childish ways. Do not take your ball and go home; get together and make a lot of great plays.

There are few politicians who should not be representing us due to their selfish ways. Do not use the brains you sit on; use what our Lord put in your heads.

Robert C. Thomson


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