Obama leading country on a path to oblivion

September 16, 2013 

Pictured on the Aug. 29 front page of the Bradenton Herald, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., stands an ungrateful recipient of the freedom Lincoln created and paid for with his very life.

Many years before being elected as president in 1860, Lincoln publicly opposed slavery of black people in many public campaign speeches. He lost his race for the U.S. Senate in 1856 and almost lost the presidential election in 1860, largely due to his support of freedom for slaves.

Fast forward to the world we live in, and watch as our first black president destroys the Founders' dreams that infused our Constitution, Bill of Rights, the nation's economy, our financial and political status worldwide, and black freedom that Lincoln created and Obama experiences.

Through his unending borrowing and unwarranted payment of benefits to almost half our citizens who do not work or pay taxes, Obama and his supporters are closing the door of opportunity to save this once-great nation. Why would anyone receiving "economic equality" from Obama's government turn it down?

Equal wages never was the goal of our Founders. Their legacy was "opportunity," creating a system that encouraged and protected individual effort and productivity. Economic leftists have attacked the very essence of this nation's origin, replacing it with growing socialism, led by President Obama and his communistic advisors.

Under his stamp of approval, his administration increased our nation's debt almost 50 percent in five years, adding nearly $7 trillion to our national debt and creating an unpayable IOU of $16.5 trillion, or roughly $50,000 for every U.S. citizen.

It's time to put aside racism as the major issue dividing our country 148 years after the Civil War and admit the fact that Obama has already placed this nation on the road to oblivion.

Richard Evanson


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