Holmes Beach mayor pro-tourism but visitors should respect community

September 13, 2013 

Re: Letters to the Editor in the Herald.

Let me start by saying what I said as my opening comments to the Tourism Development Council meeting last week: "I am pro tourism."

I have been working with the TDC and Manatee County in a very cooperative spirit for the last six months. I have never said that I do not want tourists on the island.

I am for anyone coming to the island for a day or a year, especially if they are respectful of the citizens who live here while they are here. That means not leaving trash out on the beach and streets, not using private property without the owner's permission, being respectful of neighbors with regard to noise, parking, etc.

We are also a community, not just a tourist destination. Respect is the key word. You would not expect anything less from people living in your neighborhoods in your respective cities.

We realize that we need X amount of parking spaces for public access for our beach renourishment. If fact, we are working very closely with Manatee County to make sure we comply with all the criteria for beach renourishment. We have always complied with this rule and intend on doing so going forward.

We try very hard to manage by facts at City Hall. It is easy to take things out of context and not get the total picture, which will many times lead to the wrong assertions.

The ideas that we have been proposing or discussing are both tourist and community friendly.

My door is always open to discuss anything, anytime with anyone.

Carmel Monti, Mayor, Holmes BeachHolmes Beach

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