New movie features Bradenton singer

Colton Cason wrote, sang a song for faith-themed movie 'The Investigator'

mclear@bradenton.comSeptember 11, 2013 

Colton Cason quickly wrote a song after his mother volunteered his services as a songwriter during a meeting last year with some people filming a movie. TIFFANY TOMPKINS-CONDIE/Bradenton Herald


Colton Cason's been a singer for two years now, but he never thought of himself as a songwriter.

His mother apparently did. At a chance meeting last year with some people who were filming a movie, she volunteered her son's services as a songwriter.

Cason quickly wrote a song. The movie people loved it and included it in "The Investigator," a faith-themed movie opening in theaters Friday.

"I guess I've written a few songs before," said Cason, who's 23 and lives in Bradenton. "But this is the first one I've kept."

The film deals with a police sergeant forced out of his job after the death of a suspect. Then his wife suffers a miscarriage. The tragic turns in his life cause him to question his once-strong faith.

The ads say it was "inspired by true events." It was written by Richard A. Romano, the brother of actor-comedian Ray Romano, and part of it was filmed in the Bradenton area.

Last year, some people from the movie were at the Church of the Nazarene in Bradenton, recording background crowd music for the film. It was then Cason's mother, Michele Slaughter, told the movie crew her son is a musician and asked if he could write a song for the film. They told her to have her son record a song and send it to them.

Cason didn't know much about the film, but saw some promotional footage. He got the idea the main character was dealing with a deep sadness. He wrote, sang and recorded "Take Me in Your Arms," and the song now plays during a scene about 10 minutes into the movie.

Cason and his friend, Hannah Roemer, first recorded a rough demo video of the song at their church, the Bridge in Bradenton. When the movie producers liked it, Cason and Roemer recorded a more polished version with the help of local music educator Del Couch.

Cason attended the world premiere of "The Investigator" last week at the Palladium in St. Petersburg. Ray Romano was there, but Cason said he stayed in the background, obviously trying not to steal attention from his brother.

"It was very, very cool," Cason said. "Never in my life would I have ever expected something like this to happen. Just sitting there and hearing my song, and then seeing my name come up in music part of the titles. It was just very cool."

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