Climate change cyclical, caused by nature, not man

September 11, 2013 

In her Sept. 4 letter Myra Jones states that those who deny global warming lack credibility. In that connection, she may want to consider the fact that 60,000 years ago, glaciers covered the upper Midwest from Ohio to Iowa. And 60,000 years ago, man had barely emerged from the ooze and was completely incapable, through his actions, of influencing climate change.

Yet, the glaciers melted and receded all the way back up to Canada and created the great lakes as they did. These are indisputable facts and convincingly prove that climate change is cyclical, not caused by man.

So-called scientists pontificate about how man's activities increase CO2 levels and thereby cause global warming, but fail to mention that one major volcanic eruption can produce more CO2 than all the man-made CO2 sources on the globe combined.

Additionally, it has recently been reported that over the past 10 or more years, the average temperature has actually decreased.

Sounds to me like the left's insistence that the Earth is warming is just more hot air, which, I suppose, could contribute to global warming.

However, until someone comes up with a credible, verifiable explanation of how man's activities caused the glaciers to melt, I'm going to continue believing that the planet is doing its own thing, unaffected by man's insignificant actions.

Donald Doherty


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