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September 10, 2013 

'Yoga Just for Kids' starts on Sept. 18

PALMETTO -- Emily Carr-Osborne couldn't find a yoga class for her5-year-old, so she decided to create one herself.

A certified yoga instructor and elementary school teacher, Carr-Osbornewill be teachinga six-week series, "Yoga Just for Kids," at the Palmetto Art Center from3:30 to 4:30 p.m. starting Sept. 18. Classes will be held at the same time on Wednesdays through Oct. 23.

An introductory workshop will be held from 11 a.m. to noon Sept. 14 for children ages 4 to 12. Cost is $10 to attend.

"It's going to be a fun class that teaches the basics and is accessible," said Carr-Osborne. "There will be basic yoga poses, some singing and breathing exercises."

Poses also will be the basis of creating characters and dramatic storytelling.

In the mixed age group of 4- to 12-year-olds, older kids will be helping younger kids, she said.

Children benefit from yoga because it promotes flexibility and fitness and also is good training for focus and concentration, said Carr-Osborne, who has practiced yoga for 17 years.

Cost is $85 for the series or $14 per class. For more information and to RSVP, contact Carr-Osborne at 941-737-5396. The Palmetto Art Center is at 907 Fifth St. W.

Workshop to teach the basics of Alzheimer's

HOLMES BEACH -- Learn the basics about Alzheimer's disease at the "ABCs of Alzheimer's," a presentation to be held at 2 p.m. Sept. 18 at the Island Branch Library, 5701 Marina Drive.

"Every senior should take this course," said Sue Fox, an educator at the Alzheimer's Association Florida Gulf Coast chapter, who will be presenting the workshop.

Part of the seminar will be about the different forms of dementia. Alzheimer's disease accounts for about 70 percent of dementia cases. But there are other types and some are reversible such as dementia caused by a urinary tract infection or depression.

Everyone should have a durable power of attorney and make their health care needs known, said Fox. It's also important to understand what Medicare and Medicaid pays for when nursing home care is needed, she added.

In Florida, unless Alzheimer's patients have another complicating health condition, they won't be financially eligible for Medicaid reimbursement until the last stages of the disease.

The class is free, and no reservations are required.

Learn to meditateat half-day workshop

SARASOTA -- A half-day workshop, "Meditation vs. Frustration," will be held from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Sept. 28 at the Kadampa Meditation Center, 730 N. Washington Blvd.

Guided meditations will help those who attend identify, reduce and let go of frustration, anger and worry, said Christian Gauthier, education coordinator at the center.

Meditation gives the mind a clear space to work with frustrations instead of being entangled in busy, exaggerated thoughts, said Gauthier.

From there, the mind can be directed toward something more beneficial by meditating on positive feelings such as patience and love.

Cost of the workshop is $25. For more information, call 941-373-1600 or visit

Hearing loss to be topicof Lunch Club meeting

BRADENTON -- Hearing aid specialist Stefan Butz of the Hearing Center will give an update on hearing loss and hearing aids at the 11 a.m. Sept. 13 meeting of the Senior Lunch Club at Renaissance on 9th, 1816 Ninth St. W.

Statistics show that most people wait five to seven years before addressing their hearing loss, said Butz.

"A lot of people hear fine but they can't understand. They say that they're hearing you talking but don't know what you're saying. They lose clarity," he said.

And when they do get hearing aids -- such as to placate a spouse -- some people may find them hard to get used to at first, said Butz.

He advises not giving up. Programming of the hearing aids may need fine-tuning or learning how to adjust to a less quiet world may take some time.

Cost to attend is $8 and includes lunch. For more information, call 941-749-0100.

Susan Hemmingway, Herald health correspondent, can be reached at

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