U.S. shouldn't get involved in Syria's civil war

September 10, 2013 

In the past two weeks we have been inundated by the media about Syria and the number of their citizens killed with chemical weapons. Many of us have mixed emotions on this issue.

Considering Assad's military and the Syrian rebels have killed over 110,000, of which 5,800 are children and the number of those killed by chemical weapons is largely unknown, why should the United States become involved in their civil war?

President Obama, Secretary Kerry, Sen. McCain and House Leader Boehner all are calling for action.

I saw a video from Syria that showed a rebel leader doing horrible things to a dead soldier. This was taken about the time President Obama said we were going to start arming the rebels.

And earlier last week, a video was shown of Assad's men killing men after they tortured them. These men were beaten, then bound and forced to bend down as if to kiss the ground, and then shot in the back of the head.

Why should we be in that country for any reason? It is beyond me. I cannot believe a man who has seen and been through as much as Senator McCain would want this action to be taken. Secretary Kerry was in Vietnam and no doubt saw many terrible things as well. And Boehner; well, he is who he is. What is going on with them?

When our government does not know who they are dealing with, when they cannot tell us the truth about the number of deaths caused by chemical weapons and they are not willing to go in and do a complete job, why should we waste our time and our money -- for one man's ego, because Syria crossed his red line?

Carol Earich


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