Hot topics give liberals misleading information

September 10, 2013 

About five years ago former Vice President Al Gore in one of his "global warming" rants told us the polar ice caps were melting and within five years our coastal areas would be flooded. I'm waiting!

It seems anytime global warming is mentioned, "climate change" is now substituted. I recently criticized the "global warming" fiasco which drew criticism from one writer who substituted climate change for global warming. Every year we have climate change. Compare the past seasons or this summer for that matter and you'll see "climate change."

If the USA completely stopped using all coal and oil, the effect on the world climate would be so miniscule we'd never notice the difference. Chicken Little was wrong, the sky is not falling.

Those folks who use Snopes to point out the accuracy or inaccuracy of statements never mention the fact that Snopes is a left-leaning site that has a tendency to spin the facts. Wikipedia is another site famous for inaccuracies caused by viewer editing. Just because you read it on the Internet or saw it on MSNBC doesn't make it true.

I didn't get my MBA from Harvard; therefore, I haven't managed to get a grip on how the deficit, increasing from around $7 trillion to nearly $17 trillion in 4.5 years, constitutes a "falling deficit." We accumulated a little over $6 trillion in debt in over 200 years, and $10 trillion in 4.5 years; explain that math! There's some undisputable facts for Sen. Moynihan.

As far as the GOP not debating on NBC or CNN; I learned very young not to touch a hot stove. History shows a very biased approach to the GOP in the past on those networks. Look at the debates in 2012; NBC, CNN and others are the voice of the DNC.

Frank Eldridge

Palma Sola

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