pvidela@bradenton.comSeptember 9, 2013 

A family of young black-bellied whistling ducks opt for the sidewalk instead of the grass as they make their way to the next pond over during a rainy day stroll down Third Avenue West this past week. Lately it seems every time I step outside, if there's not a downpour already in progress, then there's a line of nasty storm clouds and lightning brewing somewhere out along the horizon. I can only imagine all the best-laid plans that have been put on hold -- from the junior varsity football team at Bradenton Christian missing its last chance to practice before the big game, to legions of shoppers caught in their cars or under eaves while waiting for a small break in the rainfall so they can get on with their day. But these lucky ducks could not care less. The more it rains, the more fun they seem to have -- once you consider all the ditches and shallows that flood anytime there's a heavy rain. I'm sure each of them makes for an exciting new spot to explore and enjoy when you have built-in waterproofing, webbed feet and no shortage of youthful exuberance ... at least until mom and dad decide it's time to call in the flock.


Lucky ducks.

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