Public records: Sept. 9, 2013

September 9, 2013 


Foreclosed properties to be sold either online or at 11 a.m. on the days listed at the Manatee County Courthouse/Annex.Listed are the borrower's name, the amount of the trust deed, the lender, the file number and online or Annex. For online foreclosure sales visit


No records.


Michael E. Johnson et al, $295,069, Suntrust Mortgage Inc. et al, 2010-CA-009665, online.

James W. Brooks et al, $220,009, Wells Fargo Bank NA, 2011-CA-001371, online.

Tamara Cibischino et al, $692,579, Wells Fargo Bank NA et al, 2011-CA-001622, online.

Rodriguez Perry, $60,215, Citimortgage Inc., 2011-CA-006474, online.


Harry R. Kenyon et al, $202,894, Suntrust Mortgage Inc., 2009-CA-008285, online.

Jennifer Alhaj et al, $217,573, Bank of America NA, 2012-CA-005047, online.

Alfredo Munoz et al, $165,050, US Bank NA, 2009-CA-012369, online.


George A. Frudakis et al, $2,037,466, Chase Bank USA NA, 2009-CA-003135, online.

Pomello Ranches Homeowners Association Inc. et al, $1,335,463, US Bank NA et al, 2010-CA-007561, online.

Stephen M. Rioux et al, $359,479, Chase Home Finance LLC, 2010-CA-008577, online.

Michael T. Garlinghouse et al, $86,563, Suntrust Mortgage Inc., 2011-CA-005948, online.

John H. Vaughan et al, $585,574, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 2012-CA-002664, online.

Shelley White et al, $278,859, Bank of America NA, 2012-CA-003777, online.


William Keigans et al, $490,806, Lasalle Bank NA, 2008-CA-006411, online.

Brian Jo Lichterman et al, $495,400, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 2008-CA-011402, online.

Nancy Breshnahan et al, $172,581, Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company NA, 2009-CA-001229, online.

Marcos Aguirre, $265,596, Chase Home Finance LLC, 2009-CA-002113, online.

Johnny J. Mahon, $269,014, Flagstar Bank FSB, 2009-CA-012979, online.

Estate of Betty Lee Lopez et al, $145,342, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc., 2011-CA-006895, online.

Sty Mergena et al, $143,703, Wells Fargo Bank NA, 2011-CA-007841, online.


The following businesses have applied for occupational licenses in Manatee County cities:


Cadmus and Mapes LLC, 715 Sixth Ave. W., exterminator, termite or vermin, David R. Cadmus, 941-746-2300.

Fowler Law Group PA, 1101 Sixth Ave. W., Unit 106, administration office, James A. Fowler Jr., 941-748-8919.

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