Comparing value of life in Syria and United States

September 9, 2013 

On the front page of the newspaper there was an article about what is taking place in Syria and their using chemical weapons on their own people. Secretary of State John Kerry spoke on those acts as being "inexcusable" and a "moral obscenity" and that "should shock the conscience of the world."

While I agree with what he said, I cannot help but think of the sins of our own country that approves of murdering over 50 million of our own little boys and girls by abortion while they are still in their mothers' wombs.

Recently, we all have been made aware of what takes place in an abortion clinic when a baby lives after an abortion, a perfect little human being, so we no longer can accept the lie that they are just a "glob of tissue."

We have actually come to a place where women that encourage a mother to take the life of her own baby is thought of as someone who really cares about women ... and those who are willing to help the mothers before and after the birth of their baby are called women haters. So what kind of people have we become?

We not only encourage women to abort their babies but the federal government gives the abortion industry over $500 million each year and that does not include what the states contribute.

Once again, I appeal to pregnant women to not be deceived that an abortion is the answer to your situation, because it is not so. First call or visit a pregnancy center; they will help you before and after the birth of your child and there is no charge. If you have had an abortion and need to talk to someone, you also can call or visit a pregnancy center at no charge.

Shirley Bohne


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