Obamacare 'train wreck' will cripple full-time workforce

September 7, 2013 

Obamacare will hurt the businesses of America very quickly over the next 18 months if is allowed to happened. Why?

The collateral damage and the lack of thinking it through is why!

Loyal full-time employees worked long, hard hours for years to help build those businesses. Obamacare will force businesses across America to let millions of full-time employees go and hire them back as part-timers. This will force them to find additional part-time jobs and it will be a feeding job frenzy for half the pay!

Full-time people who worked one job, raised kids, joined clubs, went to church, paid their bills, bought new homes and cars and had residual income will now have two or three part-time jobs; that's four to six part-time jobs per family! Their quality of life will be transformed overnight with very little sleep. They will become very angry and do things that would not normally do! This can be fixed.

If Obamacare's creator called it a train wreck, what do you think it will do to America? Then have the IRS enforce it and they don't want it either! Hello!?

Tax dollars will pay the premium for those who go to the ER. Health insurance won't cover them.

This won't be repealed because there is a presidential election coming. The people will be sold so politicians can get re-elected.

You would think with Obamacare, another sequester coming, America's bond rating in peril and the Middle East at the brink of war, our Congress would work round the clock to solve these historical problems. No, they all take a vacation!

Bill Orr


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