Military force in Syria should not be approved

September 7, 2013 

Just a short letter to voice my opinion about military force in Syria. That statement alone should turn everyone off. This could be a ploy by the "rebels" (and we don't even know who they are) to get us involved in a worthless task.

I read earlier where the rebels attacked a Syrian military base and stole chemical weapons. Could these be the ones used?

Our secretary of state, working with the president (one lies and the other swears to it), says we must get involved here and gets nasty about it. I watched the hearing and was appalled at his demeanor.

We do not need to send boots on the ground (still being discussed) and get more of our young people killed for a worthless cause. So my answer is a definite NO to any military action in Syria.

I hope our Congress has the guts to do the same!

Joan Shirey

East Manatee

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