Military entanglement in Syria a 'stupid outrage'

September 6, 2013 

Once again the arrogant elitists of the political class in Washington, D.C. want to involve the country militarily in another Muslim country. The action proposed by the Obama administration makes no sense.

In Syria we have two Muslim groups, both of which hate the United States, killing each other in a civil war. An attack on the Obama administration's target (the Assad government) will aid the other side, which has significant al-Qaida participation.

We should remember that the Assad government has never attacked the United States and poses no threat to us, while al-Qaida has and is killing Americans as one of its principal goals. If we choose to attack one of these groups, the only rational choice is the one with al-Qaida participation.

Why would we choose to weaken the side that is killing al-Qaida members who are sworn to kill us if they can?

Burdening the American taxpayer with this ill-conceived military incursion is a stupid outrage. We are in desperate need of leaders with some common sense.

Steve Gorman

Holmes Beach

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