Climate change denier source lacks credibility

September 3, 2013 

Letter writer Peter Stasiowski recently tried to debunk global warming. His authority is Brian Sussman, a California TV weatherman/radio talk show host. But TV weathermen need no credentials to call themselves meteorologists, and even meteorological training has little to do with the climate science of global warming.

You won't find Sussman's name in any respected scientific journal. Instead, he is a regular on the radical right TV/radio shows, promoting other conspiracy theories in addition to climate change denial.

But his professional organization, the American Meteorological Society, does support the scientific consensus.

You can always find someone who will validate your beliefs, no matter how dubious they are. But reality won't go away just because of a refusal to believe it.

Rejecting the worldwide scientific consensus on global warming in favor of right-wing ideologues without scientific credentials is a dangerous mistake because our current global crisis demands action.

All too soon, we may pass the point of no return. And with global warming, the consequences of inaction are catastrophic. Florida, with its extensive coastline, is in special jeopardy because of rising sea levels.

There is no downside to immediate action. Even if deniers are right, switching to non-polluting energy benefits the whole planet and must be done sooner or later anyhow, because the supply of fossil fuel in the ground is limited.

The main climate deniers are the energy companies, doing exactly what tobacco companies did decades ago. .. creating as much doubt as possible so they can continue selling their products. Most scientists or pseudo-scientists who deny climate change are in their pay.

But if we let energy companies postpone our actions until they have extracted every last drop of oil from the ground, it may be too late.

Myra Jones


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