Florida Highway Patrol should hunt down hit-run suspect, not ignore case

September 1, 2013 

On Aug. 8, a vehicle came down the street in reverse, almost hitting a man and his dog. The car then hit my car which was parked in my yard, almost taking off the left fender. The car then sped off at a high rate of speed.

Florida Highway Patrol arrived, took a description of the vehicle and a partial plate number. The officer stated he had a car down the road that had hit another car and he had the full plate number.

It cost me $2,400 to have my car repaired and another $200 for a rental car. I am a senior on a very fixed income.

I called the Florida Highway Patrol on Aug. 16; they informed me they went to the driver's residence, couldn't find them, so they were closing the case as they didn't have the time or resources to run around town looking for this person. They also refused to give me the person's name.

Then I read in the paper that if you run a tollbooth, they will hunt you to the ends of the earth. I want this person prosecuted, so next time they don't kill some innocent people.

Edward Nichols


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