Nation needs to put focus on strengthening the family

September 1, 2013 

It is about time to put the Zimmerman-Martin issue to rest. We are supposed to live in a democratic state with courts and laws to govern us. This was a tragic situation that should never have happened; however, there was a legal and fair trial to hear this issue.

Many people had and continue to have comments about what was right and what was wrong. It still remains that a jury -- fairly chosen and allowed to hear facts presented, the laws explained to them openly -- then made their decision.

However, those who did not get their verdict have continued to try this case in the media that will not let the unrest and decisiveness cease. There are those from Washington and other people of influence who cry out because they did not get their verdict.

There were a number of facts that never entered the court. Why was Trayvon Martin in Sanford instead of in Miami where he lived? We now know he was suspended from school for numerous problems they had with him.

He was sent to live with his father, who was living in Sanford with his girlfriend. What kind of life and chance did this kid have coming from a split home? Where are the parents' responsibility in all this? Isn't it the home where discipline starts? It was when I was growing up.

Our country is on a downhill slide and gaining speed every day. Politicians and our leaders are tearing the family and home apart at every turn. The family and home is where knowledge of integrity, good and evil gets its start.

Let's spend more time talking about how we can return to a time when parents and children spend more time together.

It is time to put this trial behind us; it is not going to change!

Bob Bayless

Terra Ceia

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