Fox News commentators discount fact checking

August 30, 2013 

Bill O'Reilly of Fox News fame refers to people on the left as "pinheads." Apparently, the right, especially the far right, has pinheads of their own.

Recent letter writers have put forth their views on global warming, impeachment and even sedition and open rebellion. This stuff can only come from the "pinheads" of Fox News and the likes of Limbaugh and Beck, who truly have a problem with truth and fact-checking. And those who listen to these snake-oil salesmen repeat those views.

A president can only be impeached for "high crimes and misdemeanors," but those who embrace that notion don't, or can't, provide any facts to support their views. A dictatorship? There are just too many people, left and right, who wouldn't stand for it.

Another writer says that water vapor is as or more dangerous than CO2. I seem to remember from science class that water vapor does indeed rise into our atmosphere. But then undergoes a thing called condensation, forms clouds, then comes back down as rain. It's the CO2 that stays up there.

Another letter writer presents views that are just way too far out there. I've always been under the impression that law enforcement officers uphold the law, not rebel against it. What this writer is promoting is akin to the brown-shirts and police who embraced the ideas of Hitler. Now there was a dictatorship.

Above all, none of these writers put forth any facts to support their views other than half-truths and outright lies garnered from Fox News and their like.

Thomas Steveley

Bradenton Beach

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