Manatee County needs to unite to resolve school district woes

August 28, 2013 

The last time I had students in the public school system was in 1990 in Virginia. Therefore, the only thing I know about the Manatee school system is what I read in the Herald.

It's clear the Manatee County school system has experienced many problems in recent years. It seems to me all of us -- the school board, administrators, teachers, parents, students, and concerned citizens -- need to work together to resolve these problems in the best interests of our children.

In the context of working together, I found the letter to the editor in the Aug. 22 Herald most disturbing. The writer used the word corruption or corrupt four times in characterizing certain members of the school board; referred to "... many people only interested in their own financial gain and/or political power..."; and suggested we need to "malign and marginalize" certain members of the current board.

Well, that is certainly not a recipe for a constructive solution of the system's problems and does not provide a great positive example for our students to participate in our society when we need a board working together with our superintendent to fix the problems.

To the Aug. 22 letter writer: corrupt: immoral or perverse; depraved: dishonest and venal (Webster's). Words have meaning and power. Be careful how you use them and be sure that is the meaning you truly intend.

I would invite students in the Manatee County public schools and charter schools to weigh in with their views on this matter by writing their own letters to the Herald editor. We all need to hear from you, who are most affected by what is going on with your schools. Email your letter to Add a phone number for confirmation of your letter. Please speak up. It's your future at stake!

C.R. Tierney

East Manatee

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