Koran burning, violence violate Christian principles

August 28, 2013 

After reading the article about the Rev. Terry Jones' idea of coming to our county and burning Korans, it is time to speak out. Not just for me, but for countless people ... Christians as well who feel this idea is not the way to show displeasure, to say the least.

Having read three Korans, the way of the Koran and the large number of followers who think, speak and threaten our way of life with violent acts both here and abroad is violent, but this is not the biblical or Jesus way or of a logical person's thinking. Doing this act only makes those who do this as bad as the ones they are opposing and very ineffective in the long run!

Many people are also upset with Manatee County for allowing an Islamic center here, but will deal with it in a level-headed manner, not like the Rev. Jones' way. He is dealing with it like an eye for an eye, etc.

There are more righteous ways to combat evil acts, such as those that happened on 9/11, in the Massachusetts massacre and the one at Fort Hood, Texas.

We hope that Rev. Jones and his followers will see that this is a grievous error to pursue, this avenue to get America to wake up before it is too late. It will only incite more than it's worth, not that anyone should ever be allowed to do a 9/11 or similar acts without serious consequences.

We must take a serious look around at what is happening to the USA and stand up for our country before it is too late! Use wisdom, do act, but do it wisely. We do have many who are out to take us down, but under God we can prevail! Pray and stand up!

Gail Cox


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