Bradenton 'Pink Palace' hotel restoration leaves something to be desired

August 28, 2013 

My husband and I are fairly new to the area, moving here in December of 2011. When I first saw the Pink Palace, I was in awe and thought it a shame that it was abandoned and in disrepair.

I was excited when I read that it was going to be renovated. However, now that I see the renovations in progress, I am disappointed. It no longer has its integrity, charm, and grandeur.

Tasteful beige? More like common and ordinary and blah. A tasteful "coral" would have helped retain its character.

The building is square with only a few arch windows remaining; the entry is square. The "wow" factor is gone.

Will Pink Palace be incorporated into the Hampton Inn and Suites name? Probably not. They have absolutely not "returned it to its former glory" as stated. What happened to preserving an historical landmark?

I remember reading an article about a Bradenton couple who worked and met at the Pink Palace way back when, fell in love and married. Makes me wonder what they think of the "facelift."

Charlotte Leeka


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