Nation doomed if greed, arrogance and hate prevail

August 26, 2013 

Listening to the rhetoric spewed by the far right and the far left, you see were the problem lies.

Being a Democrat I'll address my party first. Marriage has always been defined as a man and a woman. That said, same-sex couples do have the right to the same rights afforded to married couples in relation to taxes, death issues, and the like.

Now addressing civil rights, seriously racism exists on both sides. I am a firm believer in the quote: "content of one's character as opposed to one's skin color." Hate is taught, not inherited.

In regards to abortion: This issue has been settled with the security of our very existence being threatened from abroad and the possibility of the Earth itself in crisis. The arrogance of the far left to focus on individual issues is giving the Democratic Party a deserved black eye.

Now as for the Republicans: First, if you continue to allow a minority (I believe) to dictate their greed and hate, you cannot in all honesty claim to be the party of Christianity. Compassion and love of your fellow neighbor are Jesus Christ's major themes.

Arrogance and greed has filled the hearts of the affluent portion of your party. They propagate distrust in government to the average Joe; they are using his insecurities to maintain a division between him and the government. Because when Mr. Average Joe is angry at the government, he won't recognize the truth of their deception.

We must remember history proves two things: The leaders of a government, not government itself, are to blame. The three virtues of government -- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness -- can never be replaced with greed, arrogance and hate. If they are, then that nation is doomed.

Charles Dood


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