Climate change deniers cannot go unchallenged

August 26, 2013 

We, as a community and as a nation, cannot let Mr. Fred Maillet's recent letter to the editor go unchallenged ("Fallacy of climate change argument very apparent," Aug. 17). He states that "the global warming/climate change model is based on bad science."

This is a denial of a truth capable of destroying all that we hold dear. I challenge us all to weigh in on this issue before it is even too late to debate.

As Palmetto leaders push for deregulation to stimulate development, our islands' mayors are finally verbalizing the looming possibility of the destruction of the quality of life in their communities due to over-development. Once again our tipping point is on display. This is no joke no more.

If the United States does not lead the world forward to a more sustainable "modus operandi," yes, we can expect China and India and all the other developing countries to make the same mistakes that we have made, with dire consequences inevitable.

Jaime Canfield


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