Rescue a shelter pet and find a valuable companion

August 25, 2013 

I recently began volunteering at the Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch, a wonderful, caring and clean space for dogs and cats who need a permanent home.

One of the schnauzers from a hoarding case came to us and we named him Mosi. I have seen a lot of sad dogs in my life, but the look in his eyes made me cry. He has been through so much in his little life and still he loves us.

I know I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but please keep only as many pets as you can keep well. Spay and neuter them and keep them safe in your home.

Dogs are pack animals, and they need to be with you, not tied up in the back yard.

Cats need affection, too, and remember, kittens turn into cats. So don't get them if you can't commit to a lifetime of love and good health.

If you can't afford the vet, don't get the pet.

This being said, the time, effort and money spent on them will be returned a thousand times with love. Come see our wonderful, sometimes goofy, always adorable dogs, cats and kittens if you want a faithful companion who will love you no matter what. We have all sizes and colors! They depend on us. Let's not let them down.

I can't tell you the joy I experience while helping these animals! If you have an extra hour or so a week and want to volunteer, please call or stop by.

Linda Dirk

Lakewood Ranch

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