Long Bar Pointe public meeting showed strength of citizenry

August 24, 2013 

The Long Bar Pointe Aug. 6 meeting at the Bradenton Area Convention Center showed the majority of citizens don't want change to our Manatee County Comprehensive Plan. I attribute the greedy amendments similar to a drug. The well-known developers never get enough.

There have been dozens of letters written to all our local newspapers. Please, don't change the inland and the island.

Manatee County Commission Chairman Larry Bustle didn't want me to say that Commissioner Betsy Benac once worked for the well-known builders and surely is influenced by what they say. Do away with 35-foot height restrictions, impact fees, task forces, regulations, and have secret meetings.

I felt I could speak to her because the honorable Pat Glass criticized Commissioner Robin DiSabatino on June 14 regarding the half-percent sales tax that was in the flyers that were sent from the political action committees headed by Glass. DiSabatino was questioning about the information written on May 21.

Last week, Benac announced Manatee County received an award for smart justice and creation of safety. The words were very fitting for all the words spoken by so many talented persons at the hearing regarding transportation and safety and legal justice to the plans that govern Manatee's development. This meeting was probably the largest task force that Benac has seen.

Katie Pierola


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