Zimmerman-Martin confrontation details sound like an eyewitness account

August 24, 2013 

In response to Mike McLeod's Aug. 7 letter, he was very detailed on what actually happened on the night of the Zimmerman and Martin altercation.

Mr. McLeod was so convinced that Trayvon Martin was 6 feet tall, weighing 175 pounds, in good shape and loved to fight, and George Zimmerman was soft, did not like nor knew how to fight; however, he was racial profiling with a gun.

Mr. McLeod also stated in detail the actual events that transpired that night. My question is: Were you a witness of those events? Or are those statements from George Zimmerman of what happened that night? If so, please list Trayvon Martin's statements of what actually happened that night as well; we need to know.

Millard M. Surrency


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