Constitution interpretation depends on political views

August 24, 2013 

Joan Shirey said that Obama "consistently eliminates any Constitutional bearing." If he is not fulfilling his oath to defend the Constitution, wouldn't the GOP start impeachment proceedings?

Maybe he is really not violating the Constitution like some would like to believe he is. Or maybe there are those who are arguing that the Constitution should be interpreted to fit their view of reality.

Patrick Neylan, for example, advocates for the Constitutionalist Party. Their platform does have some good ideas, i.e., withdrawing troops from foreign soil and cutting foreign aid. Where I disagree are elimination of all aspects of socialism (in fairness, they do allow for Social Security to continue for those who have already paid in) like public schools and socialized medicine (which we already have; my Manatee County property tax includes the costs to treat the indigent).

They don't mention the military, fire, police and insurance, all of which have imbedded socialists aspects. We don't have time to protect our homes and family with a gun and water bucket. We pool our money together and pay soldiers, police, firefighters and insurance companies to protect us.

If I think the devil is a Democrat, I am sure I can find someone in the media or the Internet who would like to help me believe that, but just because it agrees with my cherished illusions doesn't make it true.

The comparison of Obama and Hitler is really a stretch. Hitler would have made a slave of Obama just because of who he is. Hitler came to power by preaching nationalism and white supremacy. The real comparison with that time is the hatred for those of us who don't agree, only now it is coming from the people, not their leader.

Charles Scudder


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