Accusations against Obama prove untrue with fact check

August 22, 2013 

Letter writer Joan Shirey made outrageously false statements in her recent letter about President Obama's record. I have absolutely no problem with conservatives who despise the president and his policies; however, they do have a responsibility to be accurate when they report their so-called "facts."

In her most recent letter, Ms. Shirey claims that "Obama is governing by Executive Order as no other president has ever done; overstepping his authority to make laws instead of being there to enforce them as the president is supposed to do."

The fact is that President Obama has issued fewer Executive Orders than any other president in modern history, and one has to go all the way back to Grover Cleveland during the 19th century to find one who has issued fewer.

Here are the numbers of Executive Orders issued by modern presidents: Truman: 113, Carter: 80, JFK: 71, Johnson: 65, Nixon: 58, Eisenhower: 60, Reagan: 48, Clinton: 45, G.H.W. Bush: 41, and Obama: 37. This information was obtained from several different fact-checking sites:,, and Wikipedia among them. also reported that conservative bloggers are reporting all over the Internet that Obama has issued 940 Executive Orders in 40 months, and rated this claim as outrageously false. Perhaps these conservative letter writers are obtaining their "facts" from these unreliable sources.

Of course, conservative politicians are adding to the fantasy. Rand Paul recently accused Obama of acting "like a king or a monarch." South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan declared, "We live in a republic, not a dictatorship," and Mike Huckabee proclaimed, "The White House has nothing but contempt for the Constitution and seeks to trump the checks and balances of power."

I would suggest that instead of praising some for seeing through Obama's rhetoric, Ms. Shirey should be more concerned with the hyperbole, misinformation, and outright falsehoods of conservative rhetoric.

Carol Gazell


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