Elect Manatee County school board that will correct past mistakes

August 22, 2013 

After reading a number of negative letters to the editor about how bad the Manatee County school board members have been acting and how bad our current administration is running this school district, I had to stop: Who is behind these comments?

The "good ol' boys" and girl network was directing the school district for many years and what did we get? We got nepotism, fraternization, misinformation, mismanagement of school finances, corruption, and low student achievement scores, to name a few.

Is this what Manatee County taxpayers want for their children? In the past, there are many people only interested in their own financial gain and/or political power at the expense of a better life for our children. A generation of children of Manatee County paid for this corruption, with their futures.

Since 2010, two board members have been asking the pivotal questions, but have been maligned and marginalized for their efforts.

Of the three who led the school district down the path of destruction, two are still sitting up there on the podium. We need to malign and marginalize them and replace them both as soon as possible in order to move this district in a new direction.

The district now has the tools to turn around the academic scores, and the mismanagement and the corruption, but it will not be done overnight.

The old guard had 10 years to corrupt the district and it will take patience on the part of the public to turn it around.

The only tool the public has is the power to vote. Inform yourself and vote intelligently. Our children's future is in your hands.

Peggy Martin

East Manatee

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